The very first of its kind: Using motion control platform technology, the Eventing Simulator replicates the exact movement of a horse to assess and train riders in all 3 disciplines; dressage, show jumping and cross country.

Racewood Riding Simulators – the equine simulators that work like real, live horses without the learned bad-behavior or attitude. Riding a Simulator gives you the possibility of developing your riding skills in a safe and controlled environment with a private riding instructor by your side.

Most professional sports have a simulator to enhance the skills of the athlete. It just makes sense to have one for a sport as complex as riding.

Say goodbye to straining lunge lessons that wear out your horse and put you at risk.

Kiss your fear of riding goodbye for good. This horse doesn’t buck or shy; he is safe and obedient at all times.

Say hello to a new, more knowledgeable and confident you.


David Hunt, Chairman of the International Dressage Trainer's Club, board member of the F.E.I. Dressage Committee, and Dressage Judges Supervisory Panel:

"I was pleasantly surprised how realistic the ride was. The Riding Simulator is an invaluable tool. It helps the rider to learn correct seat and position, timing of the aids, even how and when to make half halts. The 'horse' helps by giving the rider the correct feel in self carriage, the responsiveness and the rhythm that is only achieved by the well trained dressage horse."


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 With us, you’ll always have a good ride!