The Dressage Simulator can be used to help a broad range of riders improve their skills. This is the alternative to conventional riding lessons, saving your horse’s back and keeping you safe. The Simulator reacts on the rider’s legs, seat and hands. It picks up the canter on the correct aid, even collecting within the gaits! It flexes and “goes forward”, all depending on the rider’s aids. The purpose-built “riding room” with rubber matted floor ensures a totally safe (and weather-proof) environment. Wall to wall mirrors allow the rider to assess their position from every angle at walk, trot and canter.

In addition to all of this, the instructor can actually touch the rider in order to make corrections on the position. This can of course never be done at a conventional riding lesson. The Simulator is about 15.3 hh, looks and feels like a real horse. This is the ultimate opportunity for you to develop your riding skills, your seat, or make minute corrections, such as getting the correct timing.

This is the horse for every type of rider: big, little, experienced, green… you name it, this horse gives you the perfect experience.

A large monitor allows the rider to simulate a virtual ride in a dressage arena or out on the trail. The seat sensors shows the rider’s position and balance and the different leg sensors allow the rider to ride all the different movements, from Training level all the way up to FEI! The bit sensors tell if the rider is losing the contact, or if the rider is pulling on the horse’s mouth – to which the instructor can correct easily and efficiently.

As a rider you will get invaluable information about how you affect the horse since the Simulator only does what you tell it to do! How often have you wished your horse could tell you what to do? Well, the Dressage Simulator will tell you and you will be able to change any bad habits you might have with ease.

The Dressage Simulator is the new technology that will help riders and their horses to understand each other better!


The Bit Sensors

This measures the amount of contact from the rider to the bit through the reins. The green indicates the correct amount of pressure needed to maintain contact while performing a movement. Pulling on the bit sensor beyond this will result in a slowing of gait eventually achieving a halt. Pulling hard on the reins halts the horse immediately.

Head And Neck Sensors

These measure the amount of bend the rider is asking for to perform the required movement.

Saddle Sensors

This measures the distribution of the rider’s weight in the saddle when performing the required movement. The red dot gets larger with greater pressure and moves left and right in accordance with the rider’s position in the saddle.

Leg Sensors

There are 3 leg sensors located in slightly different positions on both sides of the simulator. The rider must apply pressure to the correct sensor (or combination of sensors) when performing a required movement.

Horse only: £32,450

Full simulator: £43,750

Price does not include shipping or installation. Please submit an inquiry for additional details.

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