Lessons and Certification on Event Simulators are offered at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) in Mill Spring, NC and Wellington, FL during the winter months.


Lessons on the Event Simulators Tryon Maximus or Dante Maximus*:

Dressage and/or Jumping Lesson, 45 min: $125.00

Dressage and/or Jumping Lesson, 30 min: $100.00

*Weight limit: 220 lbs.

Packages for lodging on the TIEC property and lessons are available for a reduced price, please inquire.

Gift cards available.

Available for special Events such as Birthdays, Anniversary or any other special occasion! 

Visit the TIEC website for further information regarding the center: www.tryon.com.

For booking lessons, please CONTACT US HERE.



As an instructor, you work continuously to increase your teaching skills, to best help your students succeed with their riding. With the rise of equine simulators across the world, this revolution in instructional horse training is sure to find its way to a barn near you!

Expand your business by becoming a certified Equine Simulator Instructor!

Remember, when you train your clients on a simulator, you can improve their riding and save their horses from suffering through the discovery and learning process. Reach out and touch your students to make your point, instantly, during any part of a lesson! While this is impossible to do while moving on a real horse, it is absolutely possible, and encouraged, on the simulator.

Don’t be left in the dust wondering if you are truly helping your client. Teach on a simulator and know you are!

Certification curriculum will last a minimum of 7 days.

Price: $3,000 per person


  • Lessons on the Event Simulator with Barbro Ask-Upmark.
  • Interact in lessons given by Barbro to clients.
  • Teach lessons on the Event Simulator, supervised by Barbro.
  • How to use the simulator in training/sessions.
  • The "movements" (dressage).
  • All Jumping and Cross Country programs.
  • Horse versus simulator in movement in Dressage and Jumping.
  • Using the dressage arena/jumping/cross country course/virtual environments.

For enrollment or additional details, please CONTACT US HERE.